About Ally Financing 

Ally Lending is on a mission to give you the most straightforward, easy, and efficient financing in the game. You can use Ally Lending to p​ay over time for vehicle repairs, so you don't have to put your life on hold.

Ally Lending is a business line of Ally Bank. As a whole, Ally Financial has over 8,500,000 customers who trust them to help with banking, auto loans, investing, and other financial needs. For over 100 years, Ally has been known for relentless dedication to customers, commitment to innovation, and simple, smart experiences.

Why Ally Lending 

When you need a repair or modification, but can't afford the upfront cost, Ally Lending gives you the option to pay over time for the part or service. By using this great service you would avoid from maxing out your credit card or paying high credit card interest charges.

             Ally Lending perks:

 • Pre-qualify in 60 seconds with no impact to your credit
 • View instant customized financing offers

 • Select a monthly payment that works for your wallet

 • Finalize your loan with no down payment

 • Experience white-glove servicing support throughout the life of your account