Susquehanna Truck Service makes available the purchase of products that require a "core" to be exchanged upon the purchase of the product. A core charge is a fee paid when buying a part, that will be refunded when you send us the old part that you're replacing back. Manufacturers want these old parts back so they can be rebuilt and resold. They add this fee to the part so there is a monetary incentive to send it back. If the customer has no core to send, they will be charged the appropriate core fee. If a core of the same product is returned within 30 days the core fee will be refunded to the customer. In order for a customer to be eligible for a refund the core must be like-for-like ( Same manufacturer and current number) in most cases. The part also needs to be in good rebuildable condition, where there is no rust or damage of any kind. Susquehanna reserves the right to refuse or issue partial credit upon inspection of the received core. 

Susquehanna offers the customer several options on how to settle the core process.

1. Core Fee 

Pay the core fee upon the purchase of the product, this fee is refundable upon the Susquehanna receiving a valid core via shipping or in store drop-off.

2. Providing a Core

When choosing this option the customer is responsible for shipment or drop off of their core. Susquehanna will hold the product being purchased until the core has been inspected and processed. During inspection Susquehanna reserves the right to issue full, partial or no credit based on the condition of the core. 

Procedure for Shipping or Drop Off of Core 

  • Drain all fluids and package item in the original box/crate
  • Write the transaction number on the packaging 
  • Notify the parts department that the product is outbound (717)-284-3760

Shipments are to be directed to: 

Susquehanna Truck Service Inc. - Core Return 

848 Lancaster Pike Quarryville PA 17566


Susquehanna reserves the right to hold all orders if there is a core discrepancy or issue